Gadgets in Homeschooling

As technology oriented as our homeschooling family is, I have not really gotten into consideration the probability of using gadgets in our homeschooling sessions. For one, the curriculum that we use is complete in itself. But given the chance that I get hold of good software applications, it would be a nice thing to consider.

I heard there are ipad apps for homeschoolers, which should be neat. Especially when we are out traveling. Yes, even fellow homeschoolers find a the Apple iPad very handy as they do their usual routine. I’m looking more into this iPad software called Craft Finder, which I really could make use of. The visual exploration, my son will have a blast at is the “Star Walk,” which I heard of as an iPad app that will show us the sky from our location and spot stars, planets, even constellation. How cool is that?

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