Setting parental controls on game consoles

When it comes to child rearing, it is essential that both parents agree on how they will raise their kids. This is why couples are encouraged to communicate with each other. Intentional parenting is hard work but it is something that will not just benefit your child but also bring harmony to the whole family.

My husband and I have agreed beforehand that we will not allow our son to be zombified by game consoles. The only game console we allowed in our home is Wii. It encourages interaction and involves physical activity. It was a blessing that we got ours and the wii accessories that came with it from the United States, during the time when Mom went there to visit our relatives. It was a lot cheaper compared to their local prices.  If we would at all allow our son to play Wii by himself, we set a limit.  

But do not let your guard down just yet. Two of Wii’s many features are web browser and basic email service. There is a setting for Parental Controls in the Wii console that you might want to make use of. You can actually disable the web browser feature and put limits on email. You can also set up a PIN for Wii shop purchases.  Basic things that parents might just want to consider doing.  

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