Seasonal Cleaning and Outgrown Clothes

With the “lipat bahay” (moving houses) we have recently done, we inevitably sorted clothes out from our closets. Both ours and the little guy’s. The practice that we have raised our son in is that whenever he gets anything new, whether clothing or toy, he gives away something from his stuff. As adults, this also teaches us against hoarding and gets us into the habit of sharing with others the extra that we have. Because he has grown up doing this, we see that our son does not too attached with material things.

When we went through our closets and transferred them all to our current temporary home, we sorted out things we have not used in the last year and stuff we just do not see ourselves wearing anymore. Our son gave away bags full of toys and outgrown clothes here patagonia men s retro x jacket. It also turned out that I have clothes I have not used in years! Yes, in years! Those were the clothes that I hoped I can hop right back into after shedding the poundages I have permanently acquired. I finally parted with them and accepted the that going back to 100lbs. is no longer realizable. Harhar!

What I plan to do when we get our son settled in his upcoming upstairs room is to provide a box for him to place clothes that no longer fit him. This way the same clothes will not have to go right back inside the same closet. Making it easier for all of us. Taking away the need to do major seasonal cleaning session. Because we have everything sorted out instantly. Nice plan. Yes? The little things I figure out to make homemaking a wee bit easier for this homeschooling family. 🙂

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