Flu Shot 2011

Before this, the last time this homeschooler had his flu shot was in 2009. He was practically ill free throughout that year. Yes, we skipped 2010, for some reason. We probably got really busy getting back on our feet after the Ondoy devastation.

We finally got this homeschooler flu vaccine covered today. Although he was understandably scared of the needle at first, he was practically silent as the vaccine went through. Shocked, probably, that it was just that fast, as we told him. I baked him Choco-Oat-Chip Cookies, as promised. It was our deal that I’ll bake him his favorite cookies if he does not fuss during the vaccination. And we were not disappointed. 🙂

He’s been sick at least three times already this year. The recent being just a couple of weeks apart. He skipped class for a whole week two weeks ago. But we will be Back to School and regular programming this coming week. 🙂

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