Flood scare

This homeschooling family is in the midst of flood scare once again. The last time we had to deal with flooding was during Typhoon Ondoy. The flood reached waist high inside the house. Although we left the house when the flood water was yet ankle deep, we saw from the the traces of flood line all over the house that it reached that level.

We are blessed enough that I even manage to blog now. Our homeschooler was thrilled that his inflatable boat will be made useful. He helped his father set it up. My trusty little helper tried to salvage some books with me as we transferred books in the lower portion of the book case to his upper bunk bed beside the flat panel TV stands and other electronics.

This time around this flood does not have a name. It actually is a simple monsoon rain. But it has displaced thousands upon thousands of families within the National Capital Region (NCR). 90% if NCR is currently submerged in flood water. We continue to pray for God to have mercy over our land.

As of typing, the flood water is slowly creeping up the gate of our house. Praying still that we do not need to leave the house again. If you chance upon this post, do keep us in your thoughts. 🙂

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