A brand new baby soon…

The Lord has been extremely gracious to our family. Before the month ends, we will finally be able to buy our spanking brand new baby! I never thought we would at all be able to afford to buy a brand new car ever. It is another tangible manifestation that God is faithful to those who put Him first. This is something that we have been praying for, for the past two years.

At last no more having to bother about getting the car fixed up every now and then. At least for the first 3 years. I don’t even have to check for insurance quotes anymore. Everything will be taken cared of. The sweet thing about buying brand new. The old one that we have been using is draining us financially because of the handful of things that needs to be replaced. Especially after it got submerged by the Typhoon Ondoy.  We thank God for His grace and faithfulness.  😀

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