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Something New for Our Homeschooling Nook: Mini Bladeless Fan from Tmart

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This homeschooling mom came home last weekend with a huge package from Tmart. Guess who is one thrilled boy upon opening the box? Our homeschooler, of course! It took him some considerable EQ to have him wait until I arrive home before opening the box. And I was not just away overnight, it was 6 days! Since he was with me browsing through www.Tmart.com and practically the one who chose from the wide array of items that he could use as we homeschool. A bladeless fan is what he wanted, so that is what we ordered.

Bladeless fan.jpg


Portable Bladeless Fan from Tmart

These homeschoolers in this block are just thrilled that this arrived a couple of weeks before our summer break. Truth be told, our homeschooler has been taking this bladeless fan with him wherever he goes. He puts it at the foot of his bed when he sleeps and even brings it to his aunt’s place when he stays there. He is one sweaty boy, so he loves the convenience of a fan that can be brought just about anywhere. 🙂

tMart Mini Bladeless Fan

Our homeschooler’s mini bladeless fan, unboxed. 🙂

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