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Level 4 Social Studies PACE 1044: Learning About China, Its Language, Hudson Taylor and Being Patient

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To give you an idea how we go about our homeschooling, here are a few of things that you will find in the curriculum that we use, particularly, Level 4 Social Studies PACE 1044. It’s the 8th of a series of 12 PACES for each subject of a Level 4 Student using this particular homeshcooling curicculum.

Included in our homeschooler’s Level 4 Social Studies’s goals are:

  • To write the answers in cursive
  • To learn about Hudson Taylor, a missionary in China
  • To learn some things about China
  • To learn to accept whatever happens as God’s best for me – to be patient.

Scripture Verse for this PACE:

“Run with patience the race… set before us.” Hebrews 12:1

One of the things that I especially appreciate about the School of Tomorrow curriculum is how it incorporates in a student’s goals values and Bible verse in each PACE.  The above goals are written on the first page of the PACE.

Chinese is an interesting Language

Our homeschooler was particularly enthusiastic last week as he went about learning about China, its people and language. He was so amazed about learning that a person needs to know about 3,000 different pictures to read a Chinese paper. He also learned that similar to Vietnamese, a word’s meaning in Chinese becomes different when you use a different tone. He started to scribble words from the Chinese characters he learned.

Most Chinese are Farmers

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