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Questions about Homeschooling Answered

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I was blessed to receive an email via this page’s contact form. It was from a parent who is seriously considering homeschooling her child.  I can totally relate to her because I had the exact questions and thoughts in my head a year before we officially started homeschooling.  And her bringing up these questions, further affirms the purpose of Christian Homeschooler to minister to parents who would love to homeschool their child/children.

With our dear reader, Rheea’s permission, I’m posting her letter live. The purpose is for the benefit of other homeschooler-to-be folks who might have the same questions.  For easier tracking, I incorporated my answers right after Rheea’s questions.


I am thinking of homeschooling my almost-3 year old daughter and I came across your blog. The Ace & Christi curriculum sounds very interesting, and very doable. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you questions about your homeschooling experience with Ace & Christi. I actually have some listed down and here they are:

1. What’s your typical homeschool schedule? How do you incorporate it into your normal day? I work from the home, and I also don’t have a fulltime helper and no yaya, so I’m worried about how I can work homeschooling into my day.

Ideally, we start our class at 9A.M. But we are not rigid about our schedule. It is one of the advantages of homeschooling. 😉 We actually have the same sentiments back when we were still trying to figure out how on earth I could afford to squeeze in a homeschool class in my already packed schedule.  I also do not have a helper or nanny. I’d say, it took me a month to adjust.

Homeschooling will pretty much eat up the rest of your mornings.  But what’s neat about it is, I’ve devised a way to have things work to everyone’s advantage. Here’s to give you a picture of how our set up is.  This allowed me to temporarily switch to online work from time to time, when the little guy is busy answering exercises on his paces.

I have since dedicated the mornings to homeschooling and lunch onwards to doing my jobs online.

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