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This homeschooler went City Kart Racing

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Start them young! This is the first thing that came to mind when our 6 year old homeschooler discovered a newfound hobby, go karting.  He was totally over the moon when he first drove! One of the perks that we really get to enjoy as homeschoolers is being able to take our lessons wherever we go. We have done that quite a bit last week when we went to spend quality time with good friends who we have not seen in years.

For practical reasons, go karting has a height requirement. Our 6 yo is a couple of inches over 4 feet.

One of the things in our agenda that we got to scratch off was go karting. Our family enjoys go karting so much that we wanted to share the experience with our loved ones. We headed to City Kart Racing in Makati at the 7th Level car park, Park Square 1. So those who were able, came and had a blast. It was our 6 year old homeschooler’s second time to go karting and he was no less than thrilled than he was the first time.

getting ready to race

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