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Setting up our Homeschool Learning Center

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For more than two months now, we have been holding our homeschool in another setup. Because after almost 4 years of homeschooling in a cramped corner, God has provided a way for us to level up and upgrade our homeschooling nook. Although the construction is still in progress, we are very grateful for a better learning environment for our homeschooler.

Above is the ideal set up for a homeschooling learning center.

As per our Home Educator Manual, we are encouraged to select a room where the student can work with minimal distractions. Anything that helps the student’s learning environment is an educational asset. Some other considerations are:

  • Whatever place you choose, make sure that it has good lighting.
  • Provide a place in the room for small bulletin board where the student’s Goal Chart and Student Progress Chart can be displayed. Preferably fronting where the student works.
  • If you have more than one student, each should have an individual work space.
  • You need to provide a separate area where the student scores and tests. This could be a sewing machine table, a corner on the kitchen counter, a game table, etc. If available, choose an area that allows the student to stand upright. Whatever you choose, use it consistently.

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