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There’s no question that today one of the biggest problems facing our society is the issue of reckless substance abuse. Yes, people everywhere use alcohol socially and at responsible levels, but the problem arises when alcohol and other substances, like prescription opioid painkillers or other street drugs like heroin or cocaine are used irresponsibly. These drugs can be lethal in a one-time overdose, but the bigger issue is what happens when a person becomes addicted and keeps using these substances regularly over a long period of time.

The Terrible Problem of Addiction

Addiction is defined as a use of a substance to a point where the user has no control over their intake. One hit of a drug turns to two or three until the person is numb to what is going on in their life. Addiction is also defined as the use of a substance continually, even though the use of it is obviously having a serious impact on the person’s life, hurting their career, their family, and all of their relationships. This kind of use can leave a person in a state of being out of control, which can lead to dangerous and reckless behavior.

Court Ordered Substance Abuse Treatment

People who become reckless in their use of intoxicants may become so out of control that they break the law. Sadly, this can be the start of an unfortunate spiral, when a person becomes so addicted to using drugs they will steal and commit other crimes in order to keep themselves high. When a person is arrested for this kind of activity, they may be ordered to go through substance abuse treatment as part of their punishment, and they usually will be required to finish the training before they can be released from custody.

The good news is that there are many quality substance abuses classes available that can greatly aid a person who is addicted. There are also online substance abuse courses available, which make doing this training more convenient and also more affordable.

Help is Out There

Yes, substance abuse is a sad and frightening social problem today, but help is indeed out there for those who are addicted. If you or someone you care about is suffering from addiction, go online and research the resources available to them for treatment today.

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