What he wants to be when he grows up

Whenever our son is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he gives a host of answers ranging from wanting to become a train engineer to becoming a doctor someday. He started wanting to become a train engineer immediately after getting hooked on Thomas and His Friends videos and toys when he was two years old. He could play with his trains and tracks for hours on end, which probably got him wound up on becoming a train engineer.

Whenever this topic about what he would be when he grows up, my husband and I emphasize that we are okay with whatever it is that he wants to be, whether he’d be a doctor, lawyer, or on a sales career, it does not really matter much to us as long as he will have peace in it and know in his heart that it is what God has purposed for him to do. Whenever we say that, he’d just tell, he’ll decide when he grows up. Makes me think that he already understands what his parents are essentially driving at. 🙂

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