Weight woes

Our homeschooler is currently tipping 85lbs. He has always been a big eater since he was a baby. I think his having brown rice since he was 6 months old helped about him being healthy. We did not really give him any multivitamins. But this past year, we were not very strict on him having brown rice.

He had his first loose bowel movement when our helper was here. He was already 5 years old then. He never had a single LBM episode before that. I concluded it was because the helper did not properly store the cooked brown rice. Then I got lax on our son having brown rice altogether. Recently, my mom bought this Cherifer syrup multivitamins for my son. She said that her former office mate vouches on it. She said she wanted my son maximizes his height potential. As he is, Jed is already taller than most boys his age.

And with that Cherifer supplement, boy, did his appetite triple that it began to concern me. The last thing I want is for my son to take something like the stuff listed on http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-phentermine.aspx. Supplements for obesity. He is so stocky for his age! I just had him finish the supplement and did not buy again. I remember having that 85lb. weight when I was in high school and he is only but 7 years old. We are currently cutting his food intake these days. He always seem to be always hungry. Any tips on weight management for 7 year old boys? I will really appreciate a word or two. 🙂

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