Watch out on YouTube cartoon clips

I have to admit that as much as I try to be there every single moment with my son, I cannot. Although I can pretty much be more hands on than a mom who works away from home. Zoning out on him as I bury myself in my “office work” is something that happens quite a few times.

It is good that my son loves to read his books. Most of which are Time Life books, which are more like Encyclopedias for kids. He loves it that he does not mind my having to remind him to quit playing online pbs games. There was this one moment that he asked permission if he could watch Dora via YouTube. Dora was his favorite when he was still a baby. I readily said yes. But after a while I was shocked to hear some a person on the background swearing! And you know how copycat children can get. That just about got me frantic for awhile.

We then had a deal that he’s not going over YouTube, atv or any other videos online without me beside him. PBS games are pretty much all safe. So I’m okay with that. He also knows that the time that he spends online or on the game consoles cannot go over two hours a day. We see that the discipline that this instills in him is making him a responsible kid.

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