These homeschoolers visited Zoobic Safari

Our family visited Zoobic Safari last month. Our little homeschooler was so thrilled. His first visit to the zoo (Avilon) was in 2007. He was 2 years old then. It was fun that we were able to take him with us for this media event where a couple of attractions were launched.

Admittedly, one of the disadvantages of homeschooling is the absence of activities like this. While learning of what goes on inside the zoo can be taught during our class. There’s nothing like seeing the real thing like having to see how big a real Emu is or how pond algae control works, the list goes on. ┬áSo what we do is make use of what we can. Like join fellow homeschoolers or even make use of events like this. It was so much fun! The highlight of the day was when we rode the jeepney and went inside the Tiger Safari.

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