Our homeschooler’s progress: Penmanship and Reading

Practice makes perfect. This is what we have been told for as long as we can remember and for good reason. It works. Take our homeschooler’s penmanship, for instance. It was not so long time ago that his handwriting was kinda of sorts. Look at how he has improved since. 🙂

I haven’t been blogging as often now because our homeschooling hours have extended. When our son was in Grade/Level 1, we would spend an average of 4 hours a day. Lately, we have been extending to 5 or more hours. This homeschooler started off by having a goal of 10 pages per PACE. With 7 subjects, he is to do a total of 70 pages per day. When I thought we were extending more than we should. I asked my son if he could adjust it down a notch or two. We tried 5 pages per PACE. Giving us a total of 35 pages, which should not be so bad. So far, we are averaging around 6 to 7 pages per PACE.

Although, he is slowly mastering Mathematics, it is still one of the subjects that he spends longer time in.  He is now adding and subtracting two digit numbers in a breeze. The two other subjects that he needs assistance on are Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. English being our son’s primary language, it is not exactly easy for him to read Tagalog words. Hence, comprehension when it comes to his lessons in Tagalog/Filipino is weaker. But he is doing a whole lot better now.  The subjects that he hardly need help on are: English, Social Studies, Science and Word Building.

I took the above picture during one of our lazy afternoons. I was then cloaked in one of those stuff similar to the spa cover at BeyondNice.com – destressing. Then I thought I’d capture the moment. Guess what he was reading? The Smurfs Movie Novelization, ‘Where the Smurf are We?’ we bought from National Bookstore last week. No, it isn’t the comic book type. It’s a real, 174-page novel! He started off reading these kind of books some months back when he asked me to buy the Kung Fu Panda 2 book for him. He read this before he watched the movie. Looks like he’s gonna finish his Smurfs novel before the movie comes out in theatres this coming August. He’s now on Chapter 8. This little guy definitely is a bunch better than his Teacher Mama. While I, for the most part, will only be interested in reading a book after I’ve enjoyed the movie, my son is actually taking the better road. Makes me think I’ve done my job in nurturing in our son, the love of reading. 🙂

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  1. hi,
    thanks for sharing your experiences in your blog.

    my family just recently got into homeschooling. my wife is doing most of the teaching actually. its a bit challenging for a start.

    it is good to know about other family’s experience in homeschooling. keep on blogging. ill tell my wife and kids about your blog.


  2. Hello Raul! Thanks for the kind words. Happy homeschooling!:)

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