Our 5yo homeschooler reads Monopoly Jr.

I often see the little guy reading random stuff. From the literatures at the back of cereal boxes to his Time Life books. I saw him last week with one of his favorite board games to date – Monopoly Junior.

Our homeschooling boy was reading through the words and my instinct had me grab my camera to record the video. He has been reading a great deal lately. He struggled through some words like “specially”, “version” and “trading” as he read. But I think he’s doing good at the rate he’s going especially so that I am not so strict that he learns to read right away. We basically just went on the phonetics program of the School of Tomorrow which progressively taught him how to read without pressure.

I personally have considered enrolling our son to school in the coming years. I know of a nearby school where they use School of Tomorrow as their curriculum. My husband is positive about it and suggested that we ask around and tread through steel buildings along the stretch of C5 where I found some prospective schools.   Going beyond that will be too far already. Even as we remain partial towards the School of Tomorrow curriculum, we’re open to learn about what other progressive schools offer their students.

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