On time alone and having a techie 5 year old homeschooler

My son loves spending time with the neighbor’s. Although I appreciate the convenience it allows me, I also have to watch it. (reasons on the succeeding paragraphs) Yes! Inasmuch as I love my son, I also need some time away from him from time to time. Just a few hours a week, really. By far, I’ve sorta/kinda devised my ways wherein I can do all things while he is around. But it is just extra convenient when he goes to visit them.

Three major reasons:

  • To spend time alone with the love of my life. <3
  • To finish online tasks.
  • To get down to doing house chores in no time. (For one reason or another, it takes extra time when he’s around)

That’s about it. Although my folks know about the principles my husband and I apply in bringing up our son, spoiling him one way or another is something that grannies seem to have a hard time veering away from.  So when he does stay with them, I remind him that he only gets to watch tv, play in the computer or ipod for so long. He has to play, read or do something else aside from staying glued to gadgets, ipod for instance, for a long time. It is good that even at a young age, he already knows his limit and can most of the time, cheerfully shift from gadget playing to reading or real life playing (the ones that do not involve gadget of any sort).

This techie homeschool boy is actually requesting for a classic ipod for himself. I did tell him, in time, he will probably have one but not so soon. Might have to read through ipod reviews, just in case we’ll find a good reason to reward him with one in the future. 🙂

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