Missing my homeschooler

Almost a month since our reliable helper left for the province and I can say, I’m pretty exhausted. With no one to assist me around the house, with our homeschool schedule, online jobs and the house chores to take care of, whoever will not be?

This is why I took advantage of the event invite received a week ago. It’s a two day event in Nurture Spa, Tagaytay City. We visited this place with my boys last year. But we chose to check in at The Boutique instead. The staff who entertained us back then were not as accommodating as they are now.

I can say, I really am in dire need of this break. Away from the chores, away from my usual grind, I am with my girlfriends enjoying myself. I was immersed in the most wonderful and luxurious massage I just had. I also love learning about healthy eating. I cannot wait to concoct my very own veggie recipes when I get home. I’m sure even if I ate tons of it, I won’t bloat and need cocktail dresses for plus size women. All that said, I still miss my homeschooler. He might not be doing his tasks as he would when I’m there supervising him. But I’m sure he’s trying to keep to his goals with or without me. 🙂

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