Level 1 Post Test soon

This homeschooling family is flying to Bohol today and we really thrilled to see the beauty of God’s creation in that part of the Philippine island. This Bohol Getaway will be the last of our summer series. We will be back to regular programming as soon as June 2011 steps in.

First for us to have scheduled is our homeschooling guy’s post-test for Level 1. He cannot just jump into Level 2 without getting tested first. We will go visit the homeschooling arm of School of Tomorrow in Sucat, Paranaque and when he passes the exam, we will order the Level 2 Paces after.

Time flies too fast! It seems just like yesterday when my son was still an infant and will refuse to sleep if he’s not placed in prone position on my chest. Now I cannot only barely carry his almost 70 lb. frame but he’s also inquiring already about how to remove pimples. One of the favorite things that he reads is the Human Body collection in his library. He blurted this out when he was reading one of the issues.

It really is bittersweet. I miss my baby. But I am also happy that he is growing up as he is. God is gracious and we’re praying that our son will choose to glorify His creator all throughout his life. 🙂

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