How we knew we were called to homeschool

This is actually a reply to one of my mommy readers who asked me how we knew that homeschooling was what God had called for us to do.  As we all know, homeschooling is not exactly a very popular way to provide education to our children, especially in our culture.  Believe me, it would have been more convenient to just send the little one to a regular school than have to explain yourself to a dozen of relatives who thought knew better and at times would tend to look down on you and your “silly” ideas.  But that’s a different story altogether.   I just needed to get that emphasized and say I could have chosen to drop the homeschooling possibility altogether, but stood my ground.

The call for homeschooling roots back to the time that my husband and I prayed about the possibility of homeschooling right from the time when my son was still an infant.  Both of us having no previous homeschooling experience, we knew we were to tread an unfamiliar road.  My husband attended the administrator’s training in School of Tomorrow (SOT) some years back.  He prayed to be able to build a preschool in our church that could serve as a ministry arm in the church (Sumulong Baptist Church-Makati) that he pastors.  For so many weeks and months, he would not stop raving about the excellence of the School of Tomorrow curriculum and the quality of the students it produces.  I just listened and I got convinced even as I heard testimonies upon testimonies of people vouching for it. We then decided to earnestly pray about homeschooling, which is also an available option if we decide to enroll our son in a school that uses the School of Tomorrow curriculum.

As we prayed about it, the Lord allowed for us to see that it was definitely the way for us to go. He gave my husband and me peace in our hearts regarding this matter. We went to have a look-see at regular schools, but as good as the schools were, the confirmation of God just wasn’t there. Praying about it and giving God the ultimate decision and Him giving us peace about it are the main things that got us convinced that we are called to homeschool. As tiny as our house is, He still made it possible to make that one corner available for my son’s school office. And we were able to become creative how we use the rest of our house for every other activity in the curriculum. It’s just fun to see how God put everything together and now we thoroughly enjoy homeschooling and its benefits.

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