Homeschoolers on Blogging Hiatus

My family and I just got back from RPG (Repentance, Purity, Godliness) Metanoia Summer Youth Camp held in Mt. Peniel Prayer Mountain and Campsite this weekend. Tomorrow we will fly to Davao with the rest of the hubby’s mom, sister, niece, aunt, uncle, cousin and nephews. I know we’re quite a bunch and we’re looking forward to see more of the hubby’s clan when we get to Davao and Surigao this coming week.

This homeschooling family is officially on blogging hiatus for now. We’ll try to update from time to time. Especially so that our little homeschooler is turning 6 on the 11th! We’ll probably celebrate in advance in Davao. Then we’ll have a small “party” with our church family on the Sunday following his birthday. Time flies fast. It wasn’t too long ago when my husband and I welcomed this 6.6 lbs baby boy on my 37th week of pregnancy. It was the best mothers gift I have received to date. 🙂

We’ll be back to regular programming by the first week of June. We’ll schedule Jed’s Level 1 Post Test and head on to Level 2 thereafter. We sure are rocking this business of homeschooling! 🙂

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