Home school desk makeover

From the time that our son was less than a year old, we have trained him to pack away. At 10 years old, he’s expected to be considerably an expert at this. For some reason, in this department, it is still hit and miss. I think he’s gotten used to me being around to remind me of his responsibility. For the most part, it’s not uncommon for me to get frustrated over how this home office looks like.

Homeschooling folks should be creative in all departments, I should say. From the kitchen chemistry set up to how we motivate our student. It may seem challenging but what I love about this job is that I can actually relish the moment. This is something that we can share in this particular phase of our journey: both in the homeschooling/education department and in his growing up development stages. Injecting the fun and drinking in the moment is the one intentional thing I pray that we will be able to continue doing as we do this.

As for our homeschooler’s home office, I’m thinking of getting him stoked over covering his corner with a trade show printed table cover, to add some colors and variety. A 10 year old is still a kid, if we come think of it, really.

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