Dream profession

Our son’s graduation is on March 12, 2010. We are one pretty excited bunch. Even the grannies are voicing out their intentions of coming to the ceremony with us. We received from the administration of The School of Tomorrow last November 2009 a letter with the list of things we have to submit to them to make it to the list of graduates. We submitted 5 pictures of our son: baby picture, recent photo (1 formal and 1 wacky), dressed according to his dream profession and a family picture.  I also have to submit grades very soon.

We honestly do not know yet what he wants to be when he grows up. He is in a stage that he wants to be a lot of things. One moment he wants to be a fireman, the next, a pastor and later he would say that he wants to study in a medical assistant training school be a nurse and help a doctor, another time a doctor.

We figured we could just pick out one of the things that he loved doing during that time – getting hold of a toy stethoscope and listening to my heart and his father’s. Hence, this picture. 🙂

Our prayer is that our son will glorify God in his life in whatever profession he chooses in the future. 😀

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