Bible reading time

Being my son’s primary teacher as we homeschool, it delights me to bits whenever there are chances that my husband would teach in my behalf. It may not be very often.  But he does compensate through a handful of other ways. 🙂

My husband may be a very busy man but he does make sure to spend time with our son before bedtime. It’s their time together before we pray and tuck our little homeschooler to bed. I was able to catch this video of them spending time with each other the other day. I was busy writing for one of the many promotional products that I write for when I decided to take a peek and just helped myself with the camera.

I love how engrossed Jed is during the story telling time. His father was reading to him the chapters 11 to 12 of the Book of Judges.  We have been reading Bible stories to our son right from the time that he was still a newborn. I love that I see him enjoying books as he reads on his own as he gets one Time Life book after another from his very own library in his room. He has beautifully transition from enjoying and figuring out the stories and lessons from the pictures of his books to actually being able to read the words by himself. It is indeed a blessing watching him grow to be the child he is now. 🙂

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  1. The joys of homeschooling! 😀

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