A reliable helper’s value to a homeschooling family

Grateful. That is how my family and I feel for having finally hired a reliable helper. This has allowed for us to focus more on homeschooling during our class. Since 2009, when we started homeschooling, I would swing from my son’s homeschool nook to the kitchen and back again. Being the only person to take care of our meal, lunch has to be prepared in between classes.

Our assistant’s job is to help me manage the household. My son hardly needs nannying. He knows how to feed, bathe and clothe himself for quite a while now. I considered to have one of those bullet security cameras installed. Learning about notorious helpers abusing their employer’s children are rampant and I was not going to take my chances. But since my son is old enough to let us know if he’s being mistreated in any way whenever we are not around, I think we can have that plan on hold.

It is indeed a blessing to have a dependable househelp. The house is no longer in disarray like it used to be, I can work on my online jobs with less stress and most especially give my full attention to our homeschooler during our class. 🙂

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