6th Birthday Celebration in Surigao City

As soon as we have finished the last of the PACES of our son’s Level 1 curriculum, we got our bags packed and psyched ourselves to a wonderful family time in Davao and Surigao. It was my first time to meet my husband’s relatives who are based in the province. Since our son’s birthday was but a few days away, my husband and I thought it would be nice for Jed to have a little party with his cousins.

Everyone was game despite the short notice. Auntie Nene (the hubby’s aunt) took care of the cake. The hubby bought balloons and ingredients for the food to be served. Auntie Tonette cooked her winner spaghetti recipe. Sheryl (the hubby’s sister) hosted the party. Jeff told me that I should have brought my JBL speaker and surge protectors for better music ambiance. But everything still worked out. The kids are happy! 🙂

Best of all, my husband was able to share God’s plan of salvation to his nephews and nieces. We do not know for sure who among them sincerely prayed to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But that’s a seed planted right there in each of their hearts.  My hope is in God’s promise that His word will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11)

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