Summer Activity: Basketball Clinic

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Last Saturday was our homeschooler’s first day at the basketball clinic we joined him in. The hubby and I were away working on a wedding coordination job that was booked last year that time so we had to miss it. Thankfully, we had my dear sister and her husband bring our son to the venue.
Basketball Jed.jpg
We were so thrilled to see our son ecstatic over the learnings he had thus far. He has mentioned quite a few terms that even my husband who has been playing basketball for over three decades haven’t really heard that’s what those moves are called. ๐Ÿ™‚

We initially thought we had to buy our son epiphone casino elitist 1965 since the kiddo wanted to play an instrument. Because we really would rather for him to move around and love sports like his father so thought of enrolling him. He couldn’t quite see himself playing at first. But he is now totally into it that he went home that day announcing that “I love basketball more than soccer!”

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