Sem Break Soccer Clinic

My husband and I are plenty thrilled even as we recently registered Jed to a soccer clinic that he will attend throughout the semestral break. Hubs has been into soccer for as long as he can remember. That’s just one of his passions and we love that our homeschooler will be able to do this during the sem break. Technically, we really don’t do sem breaks as we homeschool. In fact, we go on with our regular homeschooling schedule even during times that we hear from the news that classes are suspended. That just don’t apply with us since we are not affected by typhoons since we stay indoors.

We can even go on with our regular pacework while on vacation. The perks of homeschooling are vast, really. Aside from the fact that we save a lot instead of enrolling our son in a class of 40 with one teacher that cost an arm and leg. Not that it will afford us luxuries – click here but it just totally make sense to us to do it this way since training up our child is a calling for parents. That’s just where our conviction lies.

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