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When Number Works ‘n Words emailed me an invite to their event for bloggers some weeks back, I felt it was perfect timing to jumpstart my scouting for a class where I can enroll my 5 year old son this summer. Although, basically as homeschoolers, we have the option to head on to the next Level, in the event that the student is done with his current one.  We are currently in Level 1. Two more PACES for each subject (he’s got five) and he’s done with this curriculum. But I am leaning towards having him rest for the summer, even as it coincides the vacation season most traditional students are having anyway.

At first glance, I thought Number Works ‘n Words was just your ordinary tutorial center. I even thought that Apple may have applications that we can download via iPad that has the same reinforcing subjects to hone my son’s Math skills. Apparently, Number Works ‘n Words go beyond what applications that we already now have installed in our iPad can do. There are just some values that cannot be provided by a lone gadget, like the impressive assessment that Number Works ‘n Words have available for their students in their system. We appreciate its concept because it is one of the core values of the curriculum that we use in our homeschool.

Just to give you an idea, NumberWorks’nWords is an international learning center for Math and English. It offers a solution that maximizes kids’ learning by making them “enjoy” learning. “We help kids master and advance their skills in Math and English, thereby enabling them to start the next school year with their minds primed from the get go to effectively learn new material in school. Our innovative and enjoyable approach keeps kids coming back for more sessions, even after the school year starts,” according to Professor Dan Handy, Managing Director of NumberWorks’nWords.

Number Works ‘n Words is a goal-oriented system that originated in Australia. It has been fine tuned for over 25 years since it first opened. And as my husband and I looked closely, it has a lot of similarities in the curriculum that we are using in our homeschool.  Their system is individualized for every student age or disposition. Professor Handy shared that the system includes meaningful motivation through competition and personal merit certificates to document crossing checkpoint and passing level tests.

Of course, we did not just take their word for it. My husband, who has taken BS Math in Ateneo for his first college course (he eventually shifted to Mechanical Engineering at another school) tried out the software for himself and found himself challenged. My son who was first to get to one of the workstations during the orientation could not get enough of the Math problem solving games.

But more than the games, Number Works ‘n Words will not get your kids zombified on the computers. Their system and tutors can meet a child’s needs simultaneously and go beyond them, even as they make use of the computers and hands-on tutoring to provide positive reinforcement so they can reach new levels of learning. They provide lesson plans (which I am all for – we also set goals in our class) with pinpointed weekly homework assignments that do not just help build the tutor-student relationship, as well as the students’ self-awareness, but also allows parents to have a better grasp of how our child is benefiting from the system. With such a good system, I am pleasantly surprised that their rates are very affordable. We were told that they adjusted their rates alongside the competitors’, which I think is very good for us parents. It gives us value for our money.

Although I love seeing my son reading through books and encyclopedia in his young age, from his fascination of the solar system to learning about the different systems of the human body, even learning about Thyroid imbalance and a whole lot of different topics that are not usually enjoyed by children his age, we think he can make use of some strengthening in Math. Incidentally, Number Works ‘n Words has this slogan for their summer Mathematics program, “This summer, take a bath in math,” which I think is perfect for what we are looking into enrolling our son in.

blogger mommies with Professor Dan Handy

The plan is for my son to avail of Number Works ‘n Wordsfree evaluation and trial lesson that they are currently offering. We’ll get this done after my son’s graduation ceremony next week.

There are four local NumberWorks’nWords learning centers located around the metro:

  • 2F Casa Vicente Building, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
  • 2F One Kennedy Place, Club Filipino Avenue corner Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills Commercial Center
  • Unit 305 Prince David Condominium, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • 5F, Market! Market! Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

For details, call or text the central office at (0917) 844-6969 or visit

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