A Great Homeschool Supplement Find: Basic Not Boring Series

Ever since our homeschooler learned to read at 4 years old, one of his favorite places to go to in the mall is Book Sale. So I handed that habit down to him, all right. I just find it such a treasure trove, especially when I find books that are rather hard to find in our usual bookstores. I cannot anymore count the priceless “eureka” moments I have had in Book Sale. 🙂

Our family went to visit my father in law in Davao last week and guess what we found in Book Sale, NCCC Mall branch? This amazing homeschooling supplement book by the name of “Basics Not Boring Series.”

Our son was actually looking for another Clifford book. That huge and lovable red dog has found its way to our homeschooler’s heart since he started reading. What he bought were novels of Star Wars and the Happy Feet Mumble’s Journey “novelization.” He has novels of Kung Fu Panda 2, The Smurfs, et. al. I have observed that our son finds a movie more interesting when he has read the book. And if ever he watched the movie first before getting hold of the book, he will go about getting amazed over some realizations of what really happened! Oh the fun of reading! We really are thankful that our son has embraced the love of reading early on.

Basic Not Boring Series: Fifth Grade Book Inventive Exercises to Sharpen Skills and Raise Achievement

The Basic Not Boring Series use exciting adventures and delightful characters to help teach fundamental skills to grade students. Each book combines nearly 300 pages of exercises from the BASIC/Not Boring Series into a comprehensive resource teachers and parents.

Even while our homeschooler was browsing through the pages while still inside the store (and I was checking out this oven repair diy book), he was already smitten. I am not so sure if this book series are readily available in NBS or Fully Booked. We were able to buy this book for only around $3, originally a $27 value book. The pages were barely written on. In fact, only the first page has a girl’s name written on it, in pencil, at that. We are thankful that we get to have access to such supplementary materials for cheap. 🙂

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