SOT Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning

This year’s (Level 1) curriculum is going to be different from that of our first couple of years of Preschool homeschooling. As opposed to the last couple of years’s huge ring binder manuals (all 6 of them), I now have a handbook type of manual with 40 pages.

The manual starts off with School of Tomorrow Curriculum’s 5 Laws of Learning:

  1. Student must be placed at the academic level in each subject where they can perform.
  2. Reasonable goals must be set each day.
  3. Students must be controlled and motivated.
  4. Learning must be measurable.
  5. Learning must be rewarded.

We initially planned to start with Level 1 program before Christmas vacation. But Teacher Mama was down with Acute Gastroenteritis this week. We are therefore resuming classes on January instead. Another milestone yet for us. We encourage fellow homeschoolers to get their fuji cameras ready to capture home education milestones like we do. 🙂

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