Done with Level 4’s First Series of PACES

After more than a month of having our homeschool break, we finally officially started with our Level 4 PACES last October 16, 2012. As per my own homeschooler’s words, “The Math lessons are extra challenging in this level,” and for good reason. With the other subjects, he is doing great. Even in his Filipino and Araling Panlipunan subjects, I have to say that he is able to grasp the lessons despite the fact that his primary language is not Filipino. There are a handful of “Talasalitaan” we had to consult the internet for, but nothing major that would require a lot of hours burning the night lamp.

There are a few things we do not do now that we used to do when we were still starting. Like wearing his school uniform, for instance. Because our homeschooler is able to define when “homeschool time” is, we went easy on him having to wear his uniform like he used to during his first two years of homeschooling. No more having to install those stanchion ropes within our homeschooling nook.

What we still do now is establishing goals. On the average, he still does 5 pages per subject per day. But when we first started with Level 4, he had to adjust to that pace again. He does a 30 minute break after 4 subjects. And the few breaks that we randomly do when we do our usual cuddle and love breaks. Oh the perks of homeschooling!

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