A Peek Into Our Level 4 Master Record Sheet

Yes, we are almost halfway through Level 4! Almost because tomorrow is the day our homeschooler gets to complete all 8 PACES. I grade the subjects all at the same time.

The Master Record Sheet is one of our most important documents in the homeschool system we use. The Progress Chart is also important as it allows the student to see how he is doing and encourages him to move forward. That’s the chart that gets stars and mens wedding bands stickers (because I ran out of stars). A home educator has got to be creative. 🙂

The Master Record Sheet provides an instant record of our homeschooler’s grades in each subject for each Level. The PACE number is filled in at the top of each divided box. Each corresponding test score is entered in the bottom half of each divided box.

There is no Mid-Term Test or Final Test in the PACE system. The student though must score a minimum of 90 percent in all PACE tests. Our homeschooler was confident when he reminded me today that I am to check and find out his scores tomorrow. I like the confidence in his eyes. But I do hope too that he was careful enough to answer the test questions. Although we have the liberty to replace answers if we allow him, I don’t. It defeats the purpose of him taking the test. I always remind him that he needs to be careful. Because truth is, most of his mistakes are all but out of carelessness.

As with a regular school, it is very important that all information on the Master Record Sheet be accurate and include all test scores, since information from this form is transferred to the permanent record.

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