Kids World Integrated School Homeschool Orientation

While our family will always be partial towards the School of Tomorrow curriculum, we are happy that more and more traditional and progressive schools are actually opening its doors to having their own homeschooling department.

Kids World Integrated School will conduct its homeschool orientation and discuss about their homeschool program. It will be held on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 3PM. Kids World Integrated School is located in North Greenhills, Johnson Park, San Juan, Metro Manila. For reservation, please call these numbers: 7266563, 9754676, 0917-8380869.

My little homeschooler and I were having our crafts time when an email about this homeschool orientation propped up on my inbox. For those of you who have missed the recently concluded Philippine homeschool conference, you might want to take advantage of Kids World Integrated School Homeschool Orientation and maybe decide if your family is designed to homeschool or not. 🙂

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  1. How much is the monthly fee? How may hrs in a day? Can you pls email me how homestudy works. Do you have accredited tutors within Novaliches or Fairview area. My daughter is in grade 2 right now. Thanks

  2. Hi! I have a 7 years old kid who was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease, I am a bit worried on sending her back to Big School with that health condition. I am here in Davao City and I want my daughter to continue schooling inspite her health condition. She is currently in Grade 2. Is it possible for me to enroll my daughter? If yes, how much is the program? What are her subjects? How will she be graded? How can we join?thank you

  3. Hi! I have a blind daughter who was diagnosed with ROP Stage V. My family is planning to migrate and i would like my daughter continue schooling. The country that we will migrating to has no school for foreign people who is blind bu they do have a school for their locals only. She is currently in Grade 5. Is it possible for me to enroll her? If yes how much is the program for home study? What are the requirements required? How will she be graded? Thanks in advance..

  4. Hi! I have an 8 years old son, we just moved her in Davao and we decided to enroll him in a homeschool program since we are a bit late and need to establish here first before sending him to big school. He is now in grade 3, how can we enroll him and how much is the program?please let us know. Thank you.

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