This homeschooler talks about electric eels

In between the writing exercises we have been doing since last week, my son turns to his books for a break. Yes, that is the way he takes his break. And the chatterbox that he is, he would go on and on about the things he learns about. I took my handy digicam and recorded away while he was at it.

Our curious 5 year old asks all the why questions on just about everything. From the dust particles that he sees through the morning sunshine through our windows to the Symbol LS2208 that the cashier girl uses as we checks out as we do our grocery. What is neat about it now is that he gets to research on things himself when we are at home and he very often surprises about all the information that he shares when he is on his chatterbox mode. Which is practically 80% of his waking hours. This also remind me to figure Chrome Nanny out as he already knows how to search on stuff over the internet.

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