Switching from Allowance to Commission Method

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After a couple of weeks of watching the videos of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU), this homeschooling family is stoked on applying the principles. We are still on its baby stage, with 4 credit cards terminated and cut in tiny little pieces, we are already learning a handful lot!

Shortly after the “credit card cut into pieces rite” (haha!), we switched our homeschooler from Allowance to Commission Method. I forgot how exactly Dave Ramsey worded it, but it sounded like, “What allowance? Allowance is for the lazy!” At least that was how it sounded to me. I admit to being taken a back by the strong words, at first. But the reason behind it as he taught on the principle behind it made a whole lot of sense.

Doing this commission method gives us a good sense of the teaching principle of our son saving up for the things he wants. Instead of us buying it for him, just because. When he finally gets what he wants, like the audio recorders from musicians friend he’s been looking into purchasing alongside the Star Wars Lego set, he will be bound to value them just because he bought them with his very own “hard earned money.”  And at the rate he’s going, he can buy that Lego set in no time! Just yesterday, he quipped as he was asking me how I liked how his bed is made, “Mama, you are just the best mother in the world! You know what? I am actually enjoying the chores that I get paid to do.” That’s a month after we jumpstarted our 8 year old homeschooler to this Commission Method. 🙂

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