Our 22nd letter sound: V for Victor Vole

We met a new animal today and his name is Victor Vole.  The concepts that were taught along side the letter sound “V” are thorough, efficient, content, self accepting, sharing and adoption.  V is the 22nd letter sound that we have learned since we started homechooling last June 2009.  

As my son’s teacher I am to reinforce throughout each day the letter sound that we focus on.  This week’s being, “V.”  It is important to pronounce the letter sound correctly.  While some might mistakenly pronounce it as “va,” it really should be pronounced as is — V.  Like for instance, the word Victor. If you teach a child to pronounce V as “va,” then he will get confused if he later reads the word as VAictor and you correcting him to pronounce it as Victor instead.

The story of Victor Vole focused on how to be thorough, efficient and how to accept oneself. Victor Vole wanted to be like a handful of other animals aside from a vole, until he learned that being a vole isn’t bad after all, when he was able to escape Mr.Vulture later in the story.  His being small made him scamper towards a hole that only a vole could fit in.

It pleases me to see my son’s progress as we go along the Preschool with Ace and Christi curriculum of School of Tomorrow. We are hoping that our family will be able to afford Disney vacation packages next year, if not this year. Homeschooling can allow a family hefty savings and a whole bunch of other benefits.

Above are pictures of real voles. As with the other animals, we make sure we search from the internet what a real one looks like. It is just fun how wide his eyes open whenever he sees animals he is unfamiliar with. And oftentimes, he would request for me to look for a baby version of the animal and exclaims everytime that he wants a baby (the kind of animal-depends on the lesson) to be his pet. To be honest, I have not known that there was an animal called vole before this lesson. Apparently, it is not only my son who is learning here. 🙂


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  1. We are working on Victor Vole this week, too! I love ACE and the phonics.
    Keep looking to Jesus!

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