Math Kit

As a work from home mother, I cannot emphasize enough how parent friendly School of Tomorrow‘s homeschooling program is. When my son stepped into Level 1 last month, I thought I was on for a rougher ride. You see, SOT’s Preschool with Ace and Christi and ABCs with Ace and Christi were probably the easiest but most effective programs there is. Not that I have a way to compare it with others. But just sizing up on how my son got through it, learning not just to read in no time but having time while we were at it as well, I cannot be more convinced otherwise.

The Math Level 1 PACEs instruct the student to ask for a “Math Kit” from the supervisor (that’s me). His Math Kit has popsicle sticks and rubber bands. He practically learned to add and subtract by himself as he read the instructions from his PACEs. I am impressed by how the people behind SOT designed their programs. We are hoping to have them velobind compiled for future reference of sorts.

This old school way of learning arithmetic maybe considered behind by a lot of progressive schools of today. Mastery is the key and I believe that this kind of old school way of learning Math allows for the child to get hold of the basic concept of Math.

Having been introduced to Fingermath several years ago, I cannot help but be amazed at how it works. As amazing as it is, my husband would rather have our son learn Math the SOT way. When he has embraced the concept, then we will probably have him enroll in a Fingermath program. 🙂

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