Level 4 Literature and Creative Writing/Basic Literature Scope and Sequence and Our Homeschooler’s Sample Informal Writing

Our homeschooler started having the subject Literature and Creative Writing when he was in Level 3. He is towards the last couple of PACES of Level 4. It has since been the one subject our homeschooler persistently excels at. I think it comes with the fact that he started embracing the love for reading early. It was in the first 3 months of his preschool years when this little guy surprised us with reading straight from the book. He was 4 years old then.

Jed's Informal Writing
We cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the reading program of the School of Tomorrow. They have designed it in a way that the progression of the student’s reading to be natural. Plus the fact that our son is so good at his phonetics, that he has gone beyond us, his parents. It is now he that corrects our enunciation sometimes.

Our homeschooler’s current Literature and Creative Writing subject (PACEs 1025-1036) has this for its Scope and Sequence:

The student:
 Puts sentences, instructions, and stories in order; learns sequencing and placement .
 Uses action and descriptive words and learns about limericks.
 Expands imagination.
 Discovers heroes and enemies in a story .
 Creates stories from pictures .
 Writes story titles and reports .
 Learns about characters, plot, and setting; employs comparison; shows comprehension and order in a
story .
 Continues to practice speed-reading and handwriting skills .
 Locates places on maps .
 Uses Scripture to learn how to respond to difficult situations that might arise .
 Considers character-building examples placed throughout each PACE in the course

Since I was schooled in a traditional setting, I remember doing similar types of informal writing. Only, it was not as progressively designed as the curriculum we use.

In our homeschooler’s above informal writing, I noted a couple of items he can improve on:

  1. I first noticed he shortened the word “Pastor” to “Ptr.” He said he got  used to it when he sometimes reads sms sent to his Papa, addressing him as “Ptr.” 🙂
  2. The contractions. Go easy on them. As much as I would love to have our student to have a relaxed tone in the way he writes, I really would rather that he gets used to avoiding contractions to get him ready for more formal writing he is set to do when he advances to higher school level.

We have been happily home educating for more than four years and I love that through this blog we are able to journal our homeschooling journey. No erase hard drive for us blogging homeschoolers, not even the accidental ones. 🙂

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