Learning about Walruses


Our new animal for today is Wacky Walrus. We learned a handful lot today about walruses, aside from Wacky Walrus’ real name, “Wackelhouser” Walrus. Our son loves meeting new animals and getting acquainted with their letter sounds.  

Here are some of the things we learned today about walruses:

A walrus is a kind of large seal.  A walrus has a stiff, bristly mustache and two long ivory tusks on his face. His mustache and tusks make him look like a very old, grandpa animal.  A walrus’ body is covered with brownish colored skin.  The skin is very thick and bumpy.  Teh walrus has a thick layer of fat, called blubber, under his skin that helps keep him warm.  A walrus may grow to be 12 feet (approximately 4 meters) long and sometimes weights as much as 3,000 lbs. (approx. 1,361 kg)! A walrus makes a loud bellowing (yelling) sound that can be heard a long way off.  

Walruses are very good swimmers.  Their flippers help make them good swimmers.  In the cold northern oceans of Alaska, Canada and Greenland, where the walruses live, there are many big chunks of ice floating on the icy waters.  We again used the globe and these are again additions to the places that he can already plot on the globe.  The walruses like to climb to the top of a chunk of ice and slide down it into the cold water.  The walrus’ flippers also help him to get a good grip on the ice, so he doesn’t slide down before he wants to.  When the walrus gets tired, he likes to rest on a chunk of ice.  The walrus digs his long tusks into the ice and pulls himeslf up.  After resting for a while,  walrus may dive down to the ocean bottom for a meal.  His favorite food is clams.  The walrus’ bristly mustache helps him to feel where the clams are.  The walrus uses his tongue to suck the meat from inside the clams’ shells.  


A baby walrus is called a calf.  The calf is covered with short, grayish brown hair.  While he is small, the baby walrus does not go into the water.  When the mother walrus decides it is time for the baby walrus to learn to swim, she may give hima  ride on her back while she swims.  After having a good time with his mother, the baby walrus may want some lunch.  He will drink warm milk from his mother, as they swim along together in the cold ocean.  

Walruses live mostly in the water.  They swim together in herds. Sometimes, they come up on the beach to et warm in the sun.  Walruses enjoy living in their cold lands.  


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