Learning About Gerbils


One of the more exciting things we do when we learn about new animals is the searching for images of real ones over the net.  The animals that we have on my son’s PACES and the manual that I use isn’t exactly of the real ones. Sometimes we also go over at YouTube to see how they move.

A gerbil darts like a frisky mouse. Gerbils like leaves and stems for food.  They do not drink plenty of water.  Most of their water they get from their food.  A gerbil’s home is full of curved tunnels, There are tunnels to secret rooms and tunnels to other gerbils’ homes.

Gerbils ake good pets too. The are curious and playful, like little kittens.  When a gerbil is kept as a pet, the bottom of its cage should be covered with plenty of wood chips to make a soft bed. Pet gerbils need to be fed every day. They like grain, fruits, and raw vegetables.  Pet gerbils don’t drink much water, but they do need to have a little bottle of water in their cages.

Aside from all these little knowledge my son learns about these new animals.  He also learns the letter sounds.  For this animal, it is the long G sound.  My son already learned about the short G sound when he met Gary Goldfish.  He now have his own folder in my laptop with all the files of all the animals that he has met during his first year in homeschooling. It’s good that my more than 2 year old laptop has a rockin’ laptop memory.

As with the previous animals that we have learned about, my son would always insist on searching for images of baby counterparts of the animal.  Here is the baby gerbil that we have found.

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