Learning about Emus

The first time that our son ever saw an emu (pronunciation: n: \ˈē-(ˌ)myü, -mü\) was when we visited the Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal in 2007. He was 2 years old then. We went there with my bestfriend Gina and her family.

Aside from googling how an emu looks like, we also went to youtube like what we usually do to have a look see and watch how specific animals behave. We learned that emu is a bird, but it cannot fly. An emu likes to run fast. During our physical activity time, we tried to move like an emu and run like the wind.  If you happen to have plans to lose weight and you were in my shoes, with all the exercise I’m getting, you probably won’t need weight loss pills anymore. That’s how physical homeschooling can sometimes be. But the good thing about it is you can always choose to keep the activities down to your liking. You are your own principal anyway. 🙂

The emu has thick, brownish black feathers. The emu’s wings are very small.  When the emu folds his wings at his side, they are hidden under his feathers.  Emus can be seen in Australia.  We again used the globe for this purpose.  An emu sings too.  The father emu calls to the mother emu in a load booming voice and the mother emu comes when she hears the father emu call.

The mama emu makes a round hole in the ground. The mama emu puts grass and leaves in the round hole to make a soft nest. Then, the mama emu lays her eggs in this soft nest of grass and leaves. Usually, the mama emu lays 8 to 10 eggs. The color of the mama emu’s eggs are green. The green eggs feel rough to touch. The green eggs are not smooth. The papa emu sits on the eggs until they are hatched. What is interesting to learn is that the father emu will sit on the eggs for 52 days without eating, drinking or defecating. During this time, he goes into a state of semi-hibernation:- his body temperature drops 2 degrees Celsius and he lives off of a 5 – 10 kg (11 – 22 lb) fat pad on his back.

Emus like to eat berries, crunchy roots, insects and plants.

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