Blending Sounds and Sight Words

I can say with confidence that the things my son is currently learning through his paces are more like reinforcements to what he already knows. Like these blending sounds for instance. While the manual would remind the teacher that it is important for the student to learn how to blend this sound, Jed has already been reading these words in many of his favorite books.

Even the sight words that I am supposed to provide him, I need not do anymore. He is just way ahead of his lessons, I should say. I will have to give the credit to the School of Tomorrow yet again for having such wonderfully designed system. 🙂

The manual for today says that I have to prepare the following sight words: WHICH, WHO, WHY, WHITE. The instruction is for the student not to memorize the word. The principle of providing the sight words is for the student to get used to the words as they do the drill. And the directive is not for the student immediately memorize them. But rather gradually learn them over a period of time. Why, my son can even read a acne lotion straight out. I’m sure that is not too uncommon for students of Accelerated Christian Education. I am just really glad that I have been gifted with a fast learner for a son. 🙂

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  1. Hi,im planning to homeschool my son, and currently,i have a list of schools that provide homeschool programs to inquire to. may i ask, in what homeschool provider are u and ur son enrolled in? thanks.. 🙂

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