Advanced Lessons: ABC’s with Ace and Christi

We are officially done with the ABCs with Ace and Christi curriculum. We are currently doing some advanced lessons that will help our homeschooler to be ready for Level 1. The Advanced Lessons have been developed to strengthen the student’s basic reading skills.

It is suggested that two Advanced Lessons be presented each day. It also has Individualized work found at the end of each Advanced Lesson. My son is breezing through every lesson and we are just thrilled with the progress that he is making.

Now that we are doing these advanced lessons at a more relaxed pace, I can now spend more time doing researches for my online tasks, ranging from best acne products to more complex Torts.  We will soon visit the Living Heritage Academy office for our son to take the ABC’s with Ace and Christi post test. 🙂

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