Basic school materials should be safe and age appropriate

Choosing play materials for primary school children is very important. The type of materials that we use should be able to support and nourish development needed for their foundational years. Aside from taking note of this, basic materials should be looked upon. Scissors, for instance. There are scissors especially made for preschoolers. What my son has is a pair of Fiskar safety point scissors. I chose this brand because the finger and tumb loops are sized especially to give the child a better control while cutting. But the brand is immaterial as long as it is safe for children.

As for crayons and other coloring materials, they have to be non-toxic. There was this controversy that was announced through a Seattle newspaper in May 2000 about some brand of crayons containing asbestos. Of course we do not want to be getting the benefits of home schooling today just to have our children go through treatments tomorrow.

The thing is whether we are home schooling or not, we should always make sure that what we get our kids are safe and age appropriate.

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