We’re on homeschooling break

Just because we are on homeschooling break does not mean learning should stop. I will always find my eager little reader buried in one of his many books and some days ago, I caught him lying down on the bed with the How Things Work Childcraft book. Since I have not exactly been documenting a lot of his milestones for a bit now, I asked permission if I can take a video of him and he said yes. Such an agreeable boy! 🙂

Aside from the usual reading he usually does, he also started with some Typing Lessons for Kids over the internet. I will blog about that soon. Here is much I can say, even if the challenge can overwhelm him sometimes, he presses on. On one sitting he was able to reach up to Level 4 on his Typing Lessons. He stood up for a while and I thought he gave up on it. I left him alone and after ten minutes he turned the laptop back on and went back where he left off. Now, he consciously does the proper fingering for typing without my having to remind him! I’m impressed!

He recently also learned to draw via MS Paint. I just found this out as I was doing a research about equestrian riding apparel at TheEquestrianCorner.com for a client at my workstation. While we are enjoying the extracurricular lessons we have been doing as of late, we do have to get Jed’s Level 3 PACE tests submitted to School of Tomorrow soon. We will have this done next week. 🙂

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