These Homeschoolers are on “Spring Break”

Technically, we don’t really have “Spring Break” around this very tropical country. But early this week, our kiddo requested for one. I’d gather he picked that up from his peers in the Basketball clinic he is a part of. It is Summer break. So we are having just that the next couple of weeks.

Although there’s nothing like the flexibility of homeschooling, our son’s Level 5 curriculum is already very challenging and I can see that similar to kids his age attending regular school, classes have the makings of stressing him out. So break it is. Aside from the basketball clinic and the Saturday Singapore Math class over at Galileo’s, we first thought of getting a tascam im2 to get our homeschooler back to his music groove (he is very musical). But figured we will just stick with basketball this summer. 🙂

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