Homeschool break = annual anniversary trip!

Our homeschooler is thrilled as our annual anniversary trip is very fast approaching (this means no PACES and school break), he’s counting the days! As opposed to our previous overseas trips that involved sweaters, cardigans, bonnets and thick cashmere shawls, this trip is going to be even more tropical (I think( than Manila. Yikes! But we’re still looking forward to our travel since it’s our first time to fly to Singapore!

As for our homeschool corner, we are inching towards the Level 5 finish line! Yay! Our 9 year old is finding this level’s Math extra challenging. 4 by 4 digit multiplication takes a lot of time and with his tendency to want to finish right away, he tends to get frustrated. Although he’s going pretty fast these days nowadays. But he needs to get better and avoid careless mistakes.

We are totally proud of how our homeschooler has progressed from someone who super dreads Math, to the more confident student that he’s become.

Still days away and we’ve already started packing our bags. As soon as we come home, come the search for our holiday getaway.

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